Medical Services


The department of Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT) at SPES hospital can proudly boast of a galaxy of eminent surgeons skilled to carry out all kinds of microscopic surgeries


All kinds of endoscopic surgeries are regularly performed at SPES like endoscopic removal of foreign bodies, polyps and cysts, Tympanoplasty & Tympanotomy, Myringoplasty & Myringotomy for patients suffering from impaired hearing.


Septoplasty for patients suffering from deviated nasal septum Cauterization of the bleeding points from the nose (Epistaxis) Excisions of tumours, radical surgeries in malignancies are some of the commonly done procedures in the department.


Common procedures include

  •  Tonsillectomy
  •  Adenoidectomy
  •  Excision of tumours and radical operations for cancer patients
  •  Endoscopic removal of foreign bodies from the pharynx and oesophagus